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What's Wrong with My Dog? A Guide to 150 Symptoms and What to Do : New : *ZB

What's Wrong with My Dog? A Guide to 150 Symptoms and What to Do : New : *ZB

  • Paperback: 304 pages
  • Publisher: Fair Winds Press 2007
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781592332496
When something's wrong with your pet, you need to know what to do -- now!  Your dog is limping. He's suddenly drooling heavily without any apparent cause. She's scratched herself raw -- and she's on a good flea-preventive. He's started vomiting. She's inexplicably losing weight. His ears smell funny. What's wrong with your dog -- and what should you be doing about it? In What's Wrong with My Dog?, acclaimed vet Jake Tedaldi, DVM, gives you the answers. More than a first-aid book but as easy to follow and use, What's Wrong with My Dog? is organized by symptom. Each of the 150 symptoms is clearly described (and illustrated if needed). Once dog owners have keyed out their pet's problem using the Symptom Finder at the front of the book, they can turn to the relevant pages and quickly verify their pet's problem, see what's causing it, and determine what they should do. They'll find clear explanations (again supplemented by illustrations if needed) of how to treat their dogs, whether they need to take the dog to the vet or to an emergency care clinic, if their dog will get better without supplemental care, and what they should do long-term to prevent the problem from happening again. Remedies cover a broad spectrum, from cutting-edge conventional medicine to alternative therapies to home remedies that really work. There's even a section on putting together a home first-aid kit for your dog. Indexes by symptom and by problem provide quick reference.
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