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Understanding Nervousness in Horse and Rider: Williams : Brand New Hardcover @

Author: Moyra Williams
Publisher: J A Allen, UK
Revised Edition 2002
Hardcover, DJ, 220 pages.
An intimate study of the nature and causes of nervousness in horses and their riders. Author Moyra William's original 1990 work relating to general riding and management problems are now updated and supplemented by works on shy and nervous breeders, dressage horses, jumping horses and racehorses, featuring input from Yogi Breisner, Melanie Jones-Sparrow, Roger Ingram, Leonie Marshall, ansd Monty Roberts.

Chapter content:
The Nature Of Nervousness
The Causes Of Nervousness: Inheritance, Growing Up, Breeding stock
The Prevention of Nervousness; Companionship, Exerxise, Smell, Associations
The Management Of Fear: Teaching the nervous rider, Calming the Human Mind, Establishing Co-Operation between Horse and Rider
Turning Fear Into Fun
Nervousness in Competition: Dressage, Showjumping, Racehorses, Riders