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The Ultimate Rottweiler : Andrew Brace : New Hardcover

The Ultimate Rottweiler : Andrew Brace : New Hardcover

  • Hardcover: 288 pages
  • Publisher: Howell, 2nd edition 2003
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9780764526404

The Rottweiler, one of the most imposing and impressive of all abreeds, has a worldwide fan club. Originally used for herding and protecting cattle on their way to market, this German-bred dog was soon adopted as a guard by security forces in countries far away from its native home. However, in the right hands, the Rottweiler also makes a superb companion, particularly for those who want to train their dog to compete in Working Trails, Obedience and Agility events, or in the more specialized areas of Herding and Carting. The Rottweiler's handsome looks also ensure its success ion the show ring.

In The Ultimate Rottweiler, 2nd Edition, Editor Andrew Brace has recruited a star-studded cast of specialists to write the definitive book on the breed. For the first time in the history of the breed, experts from Germany, Britian, and the United States have pooled resources to give the most comprehensive coverage of the Rottweiler today. Starting with in-depth reserach into the origins and development of the breed, the experts go on to analyze the Breed Standard in detail. An acclaimed feature of The Ultimate Rottweiler is "The Judge's View," in which an American, British, and German judge make a pictorial critique of six different Rottweilers.

The critical importance of training and socialisation is emphasized throughout the book, as well as detailed information on feeding, genetics, health care, and inherited conditions. There is also a special feature on breeding and rearing Rottweilers.

The Ultimate Rottweiler, lavishly illlustrated with more than 200 color photographs, is a "must-have" reference for the true Rottweiler enthusiast.

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