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The Seamless Seat: Creating the Ideal Connection with Your Horse : New Hardcover

The Seamless Seat: Creating the Ideal Connection with Your Horse : New Hardcover

Author: Kathleen Schmitt
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Lyons Press 2006
ISBN: 1592286852
Size: 256 pages

No matter which style of horseback riding we do, our foundation is the seat - the rider's lower-body position that permits communication and control with the horse. A good seat, to which every rider aspires, is the result of coordinating one's body with the horse at rest or in motion. And although the process is the first thing a rider learns, perfecting a good seat often takes many years of study and effort.

Although many instruction manuals delve into the subject, until now there has not been a book entirely devoted to developing a seat that is applicable to all styles of riding. In The Seamless Seat, veteran instructor Kathleen Schmitt begins with a discussion of how we learn in terms of creating an environment in which we can understand and then build a good seat. She goes on to show how human and equine anatomy interact, creating the â??platformâ?? that is fundamental to a secure seat. Elements of such approaches as Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Alexander Technique are also discussed.

How the horse moves at the walk, trot, canter, and gallop, as well as its position at the halt and rein-back and its movement during transitions between gaits - all have a bearing on the rider's form and control. Those elements lead to the various types of seats: the passive, active, resisting, and unilateral, and when each one is appropriate. They in turn lead to the rider's leg and arm positions and the rein and auxiliary aids, all of which become optimally effective when the secure seamless seat has been achieved. Whether your discipline is English or Western riding for pleasure or for competition, The Seamless Seatwill make you a more educated and capable horseman.

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