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The Official Book of the Boston Terrier : Muriel Lee : New Hardcover *ZB


Author: Muriel P. Lee
Format: Hardcover
Size: 176 pages

Authorized and endorsed by the Boston Terrier Club of America, The official Book of the Boston Terrier will endure as the standard reference work for owners and admirers of the Boston Terrier breed. In this colorful celebration of America's first purebred dog, renowned terrier expert and author Muriel P. Lee addresses the needs of every Boston Terrier fancier: a detailed photographic history of the breed's first one hundred years in the United States; an explication of the breed standard; a primer on the characteristics and care of the breed; pertinent health data; an illustrated guide to breeding and whelping; and readable, useful information about selecting and purchasing a puppy, showing the Boston Terrier and training and working with the breed in obedience and other rewarding activities.

Chapter contents include:
Early Development of the Boston Terrier
Bostons moving Along in Popularity: 1900
1940s Through the 1960s
Banner Years: 1970s Through the 1990s
The Boston Terrier Club of America
The Standard
Characteristics and Care of the Boston Terrier
Purchasing Your Boston Terrier
The Boston Terrier in the Show Ring
Breeding Your Boston Terrier
The Health of Your Boston Terrier
Working With Your Boston Terrier

The Official Book of the Boston Terrier promises to be worthy of the classic American gentlemen to which it is dedicated. Whether you have spent your whole life around Boston Terrier or if you're newly captivated by these mannerly little dogs, this authoritative volume will inform and delight you for years to come.

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