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The Noble Newfoundland Dog : Bruce Hynes - New Softcover

The Noble Newfoundland Dog : Bruce Hynes - New Softcover

Author: Bruce Hynes
Format: Softcover
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing 2005
ISBN: 1551095440
Size: 220 pages, Illustrated
Condition: New Unmarked Copy

This is a wonderful look at the history of this popular and well-recognized Newfoundland dog. Hynes begins his book with a history of the breed and quickly moves on to stories about Newfoundland dogs past and present. These tales make up the bulk of the book, and are generally short, illustrating the traits we associate with the breed: Loyalty, bravery, intelligence and gentleness. The stories are grouped by type - rescues, proof of intelligence, acts of kindness, and so on. There are tales of dogs performing heroic sea rescues, catching fish with remarkable skill, acting as dependable hunting partners, and caring for children. One hilarious chapter is devoted to the Newfoundland's subtle sense of humour. Hynes recounts anecdotes himself, but he also quotes historical text extensively, letting past Newfoundland owners talk about their dogs in their own words.

The last section of the book deals with the care and training of Newfoundland dogs. Hynes is thorough and honest in his advice - caring for a 150 pound dog requires diligence and devotion. This book is devoted to Newfoundland dogs: heroes, artful dodgers, escape artists, and best friends.

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