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The Horse: A Miscellany of Equine Knowledge - New Hardcover

The Horse: A Miscellany of Equine Knowledge - New Hardcover

Author: Julie Whitaker
Format: Hardcover, DJ
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books 2007
ISBN: 031237108X
Size: 244 pages

The Horse is an informative gallop through everything to do with the horse: evolution, history, biology, breeds, behavior, training, competition, health, and care - all gathered into an accessible gallery of solid information, essential facts, and fascinating trivia. You may follow the Triple Crown races or know the difference between a pony and a Palomino, but did you know that North American horses were reintroduced by Spaniards in the sixteenth century after going extinct eight thousand years ago? That the highest points of a horse's shoulders are its "withers"? That the world's tallest horse, Mammoth, was born in 1846 and was over 21 hands (86.5 inches) high? Or that many cowboys refuse to put their hats on their beds, believing that doing so brings bad luck?

Whether your interest is in keeping a horse or simply the beauty and behavior of these magnificent animals, The Horse will provide endless hours of entertainment. Filled with short but authoritative entries and quick fact boxes on every physical aspect of the horse as well as its importance to humankind in work, leisure, and sport, The Horse is the ultimate in dippability - open the book at any page and you'll become totally engrossed.

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