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The Clumber Spaniel: Ricky Blackman - New Hardcover


Author: Ricky Blackman
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Interpet 2000
ISBN: 1902389239
Size: 160 pages

Given the limited amount of information available in print on this breed, this much needed book offers owners and potential owners of the Clumber Spaniel specific instructions on rearing, caring for and training the breed.

Prized for his hunting acumen and his weather-proof silky coat, the Clumber Spaniel excels as a home companion, ever charming with his clown-like personality and unerring sense of fun. Surely new owners discover a well-kept secret in the delightful sportsman known as the Clumber Spaniel. Written by long-time breeder Ricky Blackman, Clumber Spaniel provides chapters on the breed history, attributes and characteristics and the official breed standard, as well as puppy acquisition, training, health care and showing. This book combines the expertise of breed specialists, veterinary surgeons, trainers and behaviourists with a team of experienced book designers, photographers and illustrators to create a resourceful and accurate guide for all Clumber Spaniel owners. Illustrated with over 135 colour photographs.