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The Bullmastiff Manual 2nd Edition : Bill Walkey : New Hardcover

The Bullmastiff Manual 2nd Edition : Bill Walkey : New Hardcover

Author: Bill Walkey
Publisher: Kingdom, UK
ISBN: 1852790350
2nd Edition 1999
Hardcover, 176 pages.
Condition: Excellent condition. This book was part of a buy-out of unsold new books from a closing store;  while they are unread they have been around for a while and may show light shelf-wear.

The names Bullmastiff, Bull and Mastiff, Bandog, Tiedog, and Gamekeeper's Night Dog have created an identity confusion of the breed known today as the Bullmastiff. It is one of the few dogs that was not adopted by Royalty and hence has not enjoyed the promotional publicity enjoyed by such breeds. Owing to this, its origins, purposes and history have become a little obscure over time and lost in the annals of history. In the 1930's, breed historians such as Eric Makins and Arthur Craven did their best to acquaint the public with the breed of that time.
This book provides background, methods and a 'how-to' for novices and first-time owners, plus a host of information for the long-time fancier, in a comprehensive format to supplement the true fancier's library.

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