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The BASENJI : Out Of Africa To You : Susan Coe : New Softcover @

The BASENJI : Out Of Africa To You : Susan Coe : New Softcover @


Author: Susan Coe
Format: Softcover
Publisher: Doral 2000
ISBN: 0944875696
Size: 262 pages, Illustrated

In this treatise about a breed new to this country, the author takes us on a long and intriguing journey into the Dark Continent where the Basenji was discovered and then brought to England to take its rightful place among the recognized breeds of the world. Why doesn't the Basenji bark? How can you train this most intelligent but independent dog to perform in the obedience ring? Learn how to prepare and race your Basenji in the thrilling sport of Lure Coursing. This book takes us through the history of the breed, the Basenji personality, and early influential breeders to a discussion of the breed standard. We get new insights into whelping and caring for a litter as well as the secrets of keeping a Stud Dog. Finally, the author tells us how to pick the best puppies from a litter and how to feed and care for your Basenji.

The author, a noted Basenji breeder in her own right, has also been editor of the Breed Magazine, The Basenji, since 1978.