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The Anatomy of Riding: Equine Movement : Sara Wyche - New Hardcover

The Anatomy of Riding: Equine Movement : Sara Wyche - New Hardcover

Author: Sara Wyche
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Crowood Press 2004
ISBN: 1861266243
Size: 160 pages, Illustrated

* Understanding the horse's back.
* Understanding the horse's legs.
* The horse's muscles in motion.
What does it mean to ride the horse correctly? In today's world the rider is faced with not just the advocates of traditional practice but with an unprecedented number of new and sometimes conflicting theories on the best way to train and ride.

The Anatomy Of Riding aims to look at riding from the horses point of view; it illustrates why some techniques are anatomically natural for the horse while others are anatomically flawed. It describes what really goes on beneath the saddle - regardless of either traditional or modern interpretation. By understanding how the rider's anatomy interacts with that of the horse - ie what actually happens when you sit in a certain way or move your leg to a certain position - it is possible for you to seek out for yourself a system of riding that is both effective and kind.

Highly readable text and detailed line drawings work together to provide a complete, explanitory overview that will help you understand not just the mechanics of the horse under saddle, but the dynamics of horse and rider as one unit.

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