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Saluki : Ann Chamberlain - Kennel Club Books New Hardcover @

  • Hardcover: 158 pages
  • Publisher: Kennel Club Books; Limited Edition 2005
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781593783006

The graceful, noble Saluki holds the distinction of being the most ancient pure-bred dog on earth, predating Christ by hundreds of years. Originally used to hunt gazelles in vast deserts of Asia and Africa, today the breed is revered for its dignity and intelligence as well as its unspoiled natural beauty. As a working dog, the Saluki still possesses keen vision, tremendous speed and running ability and strong hunting instincts. Written by sighthound specialist, breeder and judge Ann Chamberlain, this Special Limited Edition offers reliable and up-to-date information to help Saluki owners better understand, train and raise this independent and active dog. Whether owners keep Salukis solely as companions or are investing time in showing, racing or coursing their dogs, this book provides sound, helpful advice for all fanciers, beginners and experienced. Owners no doubt will welcome the author’s helpful chapters on house-training and obedience lessons, everyday care, exercise and basic problem-solving techniques based on positive training. The lavishly illustrated chapter on canine health, written by popular veterinarian Dr. Lowell Ackerman, addresses topics vital to every Saluki owner, including selecting a veterinarian, vaccinations, parasite control and more. Complete and fully up-to-date, this comprehensive guide is the first-choice of top breeders and trainers, providing everything a new owner needs to know about living with a Saluki from puppyhood to the senior years.