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Rough and Smooth Collies : Stella Clark : New Hardcover

Author: Stella Clark
Format: Hardcover, DJ
Publisher: Ringpress 2000
ISBN: 9780948955822
Size: 176 pages
Condition: New unmarked copy

Both Rough and Smooth Collies started life as working sheepdogs, but it was not long before the glamorous Rough Collie took the show scene by storm. Queen Victoria, a great dog lover, owned Rough Collies, and soon American breeders were paying astronomical prices for English-bred dogs. All it needed was the Lassie films to cement the Rough Collie as the number one favourite companion and show dog.
The Smooth Collie, for so long considered the poor relation of the Rough, has had a less spectacular history, but its outstanding temperament and refined, elegant, good looks have attracted many enthusiasts. For the first time, the Rough and Smooth Collie have been given equal status in this superbly illustrated book of the breed. The author covers both breeds in all their aspects, including choosing a puppy, training and grooming. The working ability of both breeds is examined, together with comprehensive information on health care and breed-specific ailments. The show Collie is highlighted with information on the different coat colours, selecting a show prospect, and preparing a dog for the ring. There is also a fully illustrated, in-depth analysis of the Breed Standards. For the more experienced owner, there is a section on breeding, with detailed advice on choosing the best breeding stock, mating, whelping, and rearing a litter. Lavishly illustrated with more than 200 photographs and line-drawings, Rough and Smooth Collies is essential reading for enthusiasts of both breeds.

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