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Power of Purrs: Reflections on a Life with Cats - New Softcover  *ZB

Power of Purrs: Reflections on a Life with Cats - New Softcover *ZB


The Power of Purrs
Reflections on a Life with Cats

Author: Gary Shiebler
Format: Softcover
Publisher: The Lyons Press 2008
ISBN: 1599213109
Size: 160 pages

Few things in life can transform, empower, and enlighten our lives the way a cat can. It is a power that can be measured not only by memories and pawprints left on our hearts and souls (and carpets!), but also by the occasional welcome lap naps or an affectionate rubbing up against your ankles when you walk through the door. The Power of Purrs poignantly illuminates that special magic and takes the reader on a heartfelt and often humorous journey about loyalty, love, and how to let go.

"A kind and wonderful storyteller, Gary Shiebler's love and respect for our whiskered angels is conveyed beautifully in the pages of the "The Power of Purrs." The book is pure sunshine."--Walter Ralph Emery, country music disk jockey and television host "As an essayist, as a songwriter, as a man, Gary Shiebler carries music in his voice. In an age of pyrotechnics, this book purrs. His work reminds us how much we depend on species other than our own, to fill the corners and hold down the couches and run ahead of us, sometimes to show the way."--Richard Louv, author "I used to take in stray cats in my barn and name them after automobiles: Cadillac, Chevy, Rolls Royce, and Fiat. I hid the keys and none of my cats ever left home. I love this cat book."--Tom T. Hall, American country balladeer, songwriter, and country singer "I love these books! Wonderful and inspiring stories about our most beloved companions."--Kassie DePaiva, actress""