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Only Angels : How to Raise and Train the Perfect Sighthound : Fehrman : Saluki

  • Publisher: Fehrman Books; 2nd edition 2010
  • Language: English
  • Condition:  Like New
  • ISBN: 9780984200122

Only Angels - How to Raise and Train the Perfect Sighthound is a concise, complete guide to raising these unique canines which includes the Affection Training Method specifically developed for sighthounds. Also covers nutrition and a host of behavioral issues. It is all you will need to raise the perfect sighthound!  Emphasis is on the Saluki.

The Saluki is thought to be the world's first domesticated dog, as old as the earliest known civilization. They have been called "living antiquities." Salukis are an ancient breed originating in the Fertile Crescent in the areas of Mesopotamia and Sumeria who have shared the lives of many peoples throughout the world including the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt, the Emperor of China, Persian nobles, English nobility and the humble homes of people worldwide who recognize them for their intelligence, speed and beauty. Salukis are sometimes known as the Royal Hound or the windhound because of their great speed and stamina. The Saluki appears on the Egyptian tombs of 2100 B.C. and more recent excavations of the still older Sumerian empire, estimated at 7000-6000 B.C. have produced carvings of obvious resemblance to the Saluki. Used to chase, catch and kill game such as rabbits and gazelle, they are members of the "Sighthound" group of dogs, those hounds who hunt with their eyes rather than their noses. Built for speed, the sighthound is capable of outrunning the game.

Cherie Fehrman is the founding President of STOLA, The Saluki Tree Of Life Alliance, a Saluki Rescue Organization.

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