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MASTIFF: Christina de Lima-Netto : New UK Hardcover 1st Edition 2002 @


Christine De Lima-Netto
Softcover: 160 pages
Publisher: Interpet 2002
Language: English
ISBN: 9781842860007

Deriving from ancient dogs from the Old World, the Mastiff remains one of the most fascinating living relics in the animal kingdom. Today’s Mastiff, no longer used as a warrior, large-game hunter and animal baiter, has become an upright member of canine society, as a home companion, estate guardian and show dog.
Weighing over 200 pounds, the noble Mastiff is the heaviest pure-bred dog in the world, a true gentle giant who lives to be close to his well-protected family. For the right family, able to offer proper accommodations and training, the Mastiff makes a true friend for life. Author Christina de Lima-Netto, a successful Mastiff breeder from Spain, has written an informative and insightful book about her best friend. The new owner and the experienced owner alike will welcome the author's experience and candor, whether she’s discussing the breed's complex history, breed characteristics and the standard or her own ways of feeding, training and caring for the Mastiff. Illustrated with over 135 color photographs, this book also presents information on housebreaking, everyday care, health care, showing and much more.