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Masters of Equitation on the Canter: Martin Diggle - New Hardcover @


Compiled By Martin Diggle
Publisher: Trafalgar Square Publishing
1st Edition 2001
Hardcover, DJ, 111 pages.

Equitation, as a sport and an art, has developed over the centuries against a background of different types and breeds of horses, and varying equestrian requirements. Not surprisingly, this has given rise to a number of schools, or philosophies, which place differing degrees of emphasis on certain principles.

The Masters of Equitation series gathers together, under individual subject headings, many of the key thoughts of eminent equestrians from past centuries down to the present day. The series does not seek to promote any one school over another, but to supply a ready source of reference to the ideas of many of the acknowledged Masters.
The canter is the most complex of the school gaits, and, when carried out well, the most expressive and impressive. It is the gait from which complex movements such as tempi changes, zigzags, and pirouettes are produced. Because of its complexity, it is essential that due consideration be given to the quality of the canter at each stage of development, Rushed or careless work can seriously compromise the gait, and advanced movements such as collecting and lengthening, changes of lead, and lateral work in canter will lack elegance and balance. Masters of Equitation On Canter offers invaluable guidance, with special reference to the future development of flying changes
and other advanced canter work, but will also fascinate all horselovers inte
rested in equestrian history.

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