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Lure Coursing: Field Trials For Sighthounds - Arthur Beaman - Hardcover @


Lure Coursing
Field Trialing for Sighthounds

Author: Arthur S. Beaman
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Howell
First Edition 1994
ISBN: 0876056281
Size: 214 pages, Illustrated

The hounds are on the line, and the tension is almost palpable as the signal is awaited for the contestants to explode into sizzling action. In the space of a heartbeat, the field responds to the huntmaster's "Tally-Ho," and the canine speedsters pursue the lure in response to a primordial urge as old as the hunt itself. Exciting? Absolutely-and the excitement is one of the reasons lure coursing is the focus of such contagious enthusiasm. That same excitement is found in the first book on this pulse-pounding sport. Lure Coursing: Field Trialing for Sighthounds and How to Take Part is your ideal guide through the past, present and future of this growing form of competition. You'll learn how lure coursing developed in response to the needs of hounds and their owners and to the shrinking natural world around them. You'll find out about the eligible breeds, the rules and regulations govern¬ing all aspects of lure coursing, how to get started and how to condition sighthounds and administer first aid in the field when required. Other chap¬ters recount the history of the American Sighthound Field Association International Invitational and American Kennel Club inaugural trials, lure coursing in Canada (by Lin Jenkins) and the author's own experiences seeking dual titles for one of his own hounds. The text of Lure Coursing is graced by numerous action photos and beautiful drawings to mirror the essence of the sport. In every way a land¬mark book, Lure Coursing is the right book for you to own, study and enjoy for years to come.

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