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JUMP! Back in the Saddle - Jilly Cooper - New Softcover @

Author: Jilly Cooper
Format: Softcover
Publisher: Corgi 2010
ISBN: 9780552157803

Etta Bancroft - sweet, kind, beautiful - adores racing and harbours a crush on one of its stars, the handsome high-handed owner-trainer Rupert Campbell-Black. When her bullying husband dies, Etta's selfish, ambitious son and daughter drag her from her lovely Dorset house to live in a hideous modern bungalow in the Cotswold village of Willowwood and act as unpaid Nanny to their children.

Her neighbour, powerful tycoon and ex-footballer Valent Edwards, has bought the big house next door. One night Etta finds a horribly mutilated filly in the snow in Valent's woods, and persuades the outraged Valent to take her in. Miraculously she pulls through, and by now called Mrs Wilkinson, captivates everyone in the village. Tests reveal her to be a spectacularly well-bred racehorse. After a nail-biting court case, Mrs Wilkinson is awarded to Etta, thus ensuring the lasting and vengeful enmity of her evil former trainer and owner.

Etta forms a village syndicate to put the filly into training. The syndicate is a riotous mix of village characters, who set off to the races in a minibus clanking with bottles. From wild parties at Newbury and Ludlow, to an overnight of musical beds at Stratford, to the thrills and spills of the Cheltenham Gold Cup, one fling leads to another and another.