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Hunted: A Mastiff Story : Christopher Russell - New Hardcover

Hunted: A Mastiff Story : Christopher Russell - New Hardcover

Author: Christopher Russell
Format: Hardcover, DJ
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
Size: 254 pages
Condition: New Bargain copies: Remainder marked

Brind, who was raised with Sir Edmund's pack of hunting dogs, is the huntsman of Dowe Manor. Together with his best friend, the mastiff Glaive, and the rest of the pack, he protects Sir Edmund, Lady Beatrice, and their foster daughter, Aurelie.
Suddenly a tragedy strikes, one that Brind cannot prevent. In a fit of grief, Sir Edmund throws Brind, Glaive, and Aurelie - and her puppy, Gabion - out of the manor. Everywhere they turn, the vicious and lethal Black Death closely follows, as though they are bringing it with them. Can they evade this invisible enemy, as well as the angry mobs, the rogue soldiers, and the other sinister figures now threatening them? Glaive and Gabion - born to hunt, not to be hunted - may be their only chance for survival.

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