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Greyhounds : Juliette Cunliffe : VG Hardcover

One of the world’s most impressive canine athletes, the Greyhound is an equally exceptional companion dog! “Born to run,” this speedy sighthound breed is at once gentle and affectionate, requiring surprisingly little of his human family. Whether adopted through a rescue program or purchased as a puppy from a breeder, the Greyhound proves to be one of the most rewarding companion animals and one of the easiest dogs to live with. This Comprehensive Owner’s Guide begins with a superbly illustrated chapter on the history of the Greyhound, tracing the breed’s long and mysterious origins in Asia and Europe to modern-day England and America where the breed has long been revered as a coursing dog, hunter, racer, show dog and companion. The characteristics chapter expounds upon the breed’s personality and physical traits, offers advice for rescuers and warnings about health concerns specific to Greyhounds.

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