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Dog Love: It's The Dog that Makes us Human Marjorie Garber - New Softcover @

Author: Marjorie Garber
Format: Trade paperback
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Softcover Edition 1997
Size: 346 pages, Illustrated

We are living in dog days. From cyberspace to pet superstores, pop culture to haute couture, our love affair with the dog has reached new heights and shows no sign of abating.

Why are we able to accept in our pets the very mixture of emotional constancy and sexual inconstancy that ruins many human relationships? Does our preoccupation with canine pedigree reflect social snobbery, nationalism and other forms of cultural anxiety? Do our fantasies of human/canine communication reflect our longing to be understood?
In exploring these and other questions, Dog Love shows how, in a society that is less and less humane, it is with the dog that we permit ourselves to experience and express our deepest sorrows and joys. as this profoundly delightful book makes plain, it is the dog who makes us human.