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Breeding the Competition Horse : Rose & Pillner :  New Softcover

Breeding the Competition Horse : Rose & Pillner : New Softcover


Author: John Rose and Ssrah Pillner
Publisher: Blackwell Science
2nd Edition, 2001
Trade Paperback, 213 pages.
Condition: New Copy - Still in Publishers Shrinkwrap

Packed with practical information, this book provides a step-by-step guide to breeding competition horses. Perfect for the equine owner who would like to take the next step into breeding their beloved horse.
Chapters include:
How to select the right mare or stallion,
Sending a Mare to Stud
Getting a Mare in Foal
The reproductive systems of the Mare and Stallion
Foaling, Foaling problems and Foal diseases
Infertility in Mare and Stallion
Artificial Insemnation and embryo transfer
Stud control
Breeds for various disciplines,
Factors to be considered in breeding correct stock.
Fully Illustrated with Black & White photographs

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