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Border Collie: Stephen Sussam - New Kennel Club Hardcover

  • Hardcover: 155 pages
  • Publisher: Kennel Club Books (March 2005)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781593782115

Not only the hardest working and most dedicated sheepdog in the world, the Border Collie rightfully has been hailed as the most intelligent dog on the planet. Once only seen working on ranches and farms, this remarkably athletic and trainable dog has grown out of his pen to become a popular choice as a pet dog. Indeed, he is an exceptional choice for the right owner who is able to exercise and stimulate this clever and ever-active dog; for many, the Border Collie is second to none.

This new volume - written for every fan of the Border Collie - proves an excellent introduction to living with a Border Collie, including reliable, current information about feeding, healthcare and puppy selection. Owners no doubt will welcome the author's helpful chapters on house-training and obedience lessons, everyday care, exercise and basic problem-solving techniques based on positive-training.

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