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Beyond Fetch: Activities For You and Your Dog - New Softcover

Beyond Fetch: Activities For You and Your Dog - New Softcover

Author: D. Caroline Coile, PhD
Publisher: Howell 2003
ISBN: 0764517678
Paperback - 222 pages

Table of Contents
* Chapter 1: The Best Mind Games. Treasure Hunt: Sniffing out the goods. Total Recall:A memory-building game. Shell Game: A sleightof-hand challenge. Amazing!: Make a doggy maze. Soft-Shoe Shuffle: Building bad habits. Love Seat: A silly love game. Baby Steps: How to annoy your dog, step-by-step. Laser Tag: Go toward the light. Overachiever Retriever: A fetch game for big mouths. Hide and Seek: You hide, he seeks. Mutt n Button: A treat-finding game. On the Hunt: Make dinner an adventure. Cross-Eyed Treat Trick: Balancing a diet. Rise and Shine: Your own canine alarm clock. Sing for Your Supper: A howling good time. Red Light, Green Light: A game of stop and go. Fido Do-Si-Do: Dances with dogs. Pup Psychic: Is your dog a mind reader? Rover Recipes: Cooking up canine cuisine. Bowser Buffet: A taste-testing temptation. Sick as a Dog: Games you can play from your own bed.

* Chapter 2: The Best Backyard Athletics. Get It!: The original game of fetch. One in a Million: Scent discrimination. Scuba Dog: Retrieving underwater. Right on the Mark: Retrieving by memory. Blind Dogs Bluff: Following directions. Fido Find and Fetch: Sniff out an item. Snoopy Sniffer: Sniff out trouble. Hot on the Trail: Tracking you down. Backtrack: A handy find-it game. Someones Watching You: How to make your dog feel paranoid. Keep-Away: The old favorite. Catch Me if You Can: You chase him . . .. Be the Bunny: He chases you. Pillow Fight: Dodge ball with marshmallows. Lassie Go Home: A race to the finish. Overcoming Obstacles: A jumping game. Sprinkler Madness: Fun on a dog day afternoon. Hang on Snoopy!: Tug-of-war. Frequent Flyers: Frisbee catching. Canine World Cup: Soccer for dogs. Jump and Bump: Canine volleyball. Spelunking With Spot: Backyard tunneling. Pulling His Weight:Tote that barge. Special Delivery: A messenger game.

* Chapter 3: The Best Party Games. Leader of the Pack: Follow the leader. A Barrel of Fun: The canine version of barrel racing. Wagging the Dog: A tale of the tails. Smoochy Poochy: A dog kissing contest. Six-Legged Obstacle Course: A relay race for dogs and people. Sleuth Hound: A scavenger hunt with dogs 46 Bobbing for Bow-Wows: A treat-bobbing game. Spot Says: The canine version of Simon Says. Rowdy Recall Relay: A recall relay race. The Great Egg Race: An egg and spoon relay race with dogs. Underwater Relay: An even tougher relay race. Wet T-Shirt Contest: The race to get dressed. Toss Your Cookies: A treat-catching contest. Have a Ball: A ball-catching contest. Toy Dogs: A toy-retrieving contest. Pooch Puissance: A high jump competition. Bowser Bowling: A game of finesse (sort of ). Lucky Ducky: A carnival prize game. Bark-O-Rama: A barking contest. Hunt High and Low: An Easter egg hunt for dogs. Musical Pairs: Musical chairs the hard way. Red Rover: Red Rover for dogs. Star Search: A message delivery challenge. Scent Hurdles: A scent discrimination race. H-O-U-N-D: A canine challenge. Swing Your Pawdner: A canine cotillion.

* Chapter 4: The Best Canine Activities. Puppy Pals: Arrange a play group. Do Lunch: Dine out with your dog. Get Some Class: Get a Phido PhD. Waggin Workshops: Pursue higher education. Meet and Greet: Make some new friends. Bark Avenue: Put on your running shoes. Dog Day Afternoon: A canine carnival. Take in a Show: Go to a dog competition. Bark in the Park: Find a dog park. Mutt Strut: A parade of pooches. Visiting Hours: Therapist in a fur coat.

* Chapter 5: The Best Doggy Vacations. Roving With Rover: Hitting the road. Doggy Destinations: Fun places for dogs to go. Canine Congregations: Natinal meeting places. Canine Camps: Back to nature. On Tour: Join a tour group. Boating With Bowser: Sail the seven seas. Innocents Abroad: Exploring foreign soil.
* Chapter 6: The Best Outdoor Adventures. Get Wet!: Swimming lessons. See Spot Run: Jogging. Spinning Your Wheels: Biking. Take a Hike: Hiking. Mapping a Course: Orienteering. Pitch a Tent: Camping with canines. Have Some Pull: Canicross. Get Rolling: Rollerblading. Scoot!: Scootering. A Bicycle Built for Two: Bikejoring. Pull a Fast One: Skijoring. The Driven Snow: Sledding. Put the Dog Before the Cart: Carting. That Dog Can Hunt: Hunting. Rescue Me!: Search and Rescue.

* Chapter 7: The Best Organized Sports. Citizen K-9: Canine Good Citizen tests. Steady as She Goes: Temperament tests. Show Off!: Conformation shows. Mind Games: Obedience trials. Leaps of Faith: Agility trials. Led by the Nose: Tracking trials. To Serve and Protect: Schutzhund trials. In the Swim: Water tests. Dock Dogs: Dock jumping competitions. Field of Dreams: Hunting tests and trials. Driving Ambitions: Herding tests and trials. Two Right Feet: Doggy Dancing. Flying Saucers: Disc dog competitions. Catch it!: Flyball relays. The Allure of the Chase: Lure coursing trials. A Racing Heart: Amateur racing. Down and Dirty: Earthdog trials. Light Weights and Heavy Weights: Weight pull competitions. On Ice: Sled dog racing. Drafting a Plan: Drafting trials. Pack a Title: Backpacking as a sport. On the Road Again: Road trials.

* Chapter 8: The Best Dog Toys. Stick It!: Toys that grow on trees. Sock It!: Sock toys. Milking the Fun: Milk jug toys. Bursting His Bubble: Soap bubbles. Full of Hot Air: Your beautiful balloons. Chasing Cars: Remote control toys. In Search of the Lost Squeak: Make your own squeaky toys. Hot Diggity Dog!: A canine sandbox. Cur Pooling: Kiddie pools. Pandoras Box: Fun with plain brown wrappers. Race to the Pole: Make a pole lure. And Theyre Off! A backyard racetrack. Ball and Chain: Tetherball. Get a Grip: Springpole. Gone Fishing: Tug-of-war on a fishing line. Jump for Joy: Obstacle course.

* Chapter 9: The Best Ways to Relax. Rub Your Dog the Right Way: Give your dog a massage. Play Doctor: Give your dog a check-up. Dog-Eared Pages: Read a dog book. You Oughta be in Pictures: Scrappys scrapbook. Be a Hero: Help dogs in need.

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