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Bergamasco : Andreoli and De Falcis : NEW Hardcover


Author: Maria Andreoli & Donna DeFalcis
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Kennel Club Books
ISBN: 9781593783150
Size: 160 pages

Once known as the Alpine Sheepdog, the Bergamasco is a rare and special dog indeed! Only recently imported into the US and UK, this ancient sheepdog of Italy possesses many special talents, super-canine intelligence and a well-developed protective nature, all of which should lead to the breed's wide acceptance as a companion and guard dog. The Bergamasco's fully flocked coat, unlike that of any other breed, is this sheepdog's hallmark, adding to his special appeal and appearance.

Authored by expert breeder Maria Andreoli, founder of the famed Dell'Albera Kennels in Italy, and Donna DeFalcis, the first American breeder of the Bergamasco, this Special Rare-Breed Edition provides everything a new owner needs to know about acquiring a well-bred puppy, coat care, temperament, training and more. As a much-needed resource for owners, this new book offers a complete history of the breed, accompanied by over 135 unique photographs, as well as an authoritative text to help the read to better understand, train and raise this fascinating breed.

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