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Australian Shepherd: Champion of Versatility - NEW 2nd Edition

Author: Liz Palika
Format: Hardcover
Publisher: Howell 2003
ISBN: 0764541625
Size: 224 pages, Illustrated
Condition: New

A highly anticipated revision of the classic guide to Aussies
The Australian Shepherd has a devoted following. Highly desired for its versatility, the Aussie is an intelligent, athletic, and very people-oriented herding dog. In this second edition of the popular and respected The Australian Shepherd, Aussie expert Liz Palika has updated the material to reflect the breed's booming popularity, including the dramatic increase in performance records. She explains in clear, accessible language how readers can determine if an Aussie is the right dog for them and, if so, how to choose an appropriate puppy. Featuring 65 black-and-white photos and line drawings that beautifully illustrate the breed, this guide is a must-have for both potential Aussie owners and longtime breed enthusiasts.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The Australian Shepherd
Chapter 2: Is an Aussie the Right Dog for You?
Chapter 3: Bringing Home Your New Aussie
Chapter 4: Training Your Australian Shepherd
Chapter 5: Conformation Competition
Chapter 6: Obedience Competition
Chapter 7: Herding Heritage
Chapter 8: Versatility Is the Name of the Game
Chapter 9: Caring for Your Aussie
Chapter 10: The Health of Your Aussie
Chapter 11: To Breed or Not to Breed
Appendix A: Internet Resources
Appendix B: Active Dog First Aid
Appendix C: Conformation Competition
Appendix D: Aussies in Freestyle, Frisbee and Flyball
Appendix E: Herding Competitions and Titles
Appendix F: Agility Competitions and Titles
Appendix G: Obedience, Tracking and Therapy Dog Titles
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