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Animals on White: Photography by Pete Dine - Hardcover

Animals on White: Photography by Pete Dine - Hardcover


Condition: New discount copy, has remainder mark
These were new remaindered copies which have suffered some wear to the dust-jackets in storage.  The white DJ discolors very easily;  even in a dim storeroom the edges of the jackets have yellowed where exposed to light.  The book itself is fine.

  • Hardcover: 128 pages
  • Publisher:  Stemmle 2001
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9783908163695
When Pete Dine was commissioned by a magazine to do a series of animal photographs, he chose a highly unusual approach, presenting the image of each animal in isolation on a white background. This fascinating concept earned the photographer international acclaim and a number of awards. Since getting a Himalayan black bear, a raccoon, or a rabbit to pose properly against a white background in a standard photo studio is a virtually impossible task, Pete Dine had a mobile Studio built so that he could photograph the animals in their customary habitats. Without the aesthetic power of the artist's sensitive, empathetic eye, these strikingly spontaneous and natural photos that capture a frozen split-second of movement, would never have come to be. The animals appear so unconscious of the photographer's presence that some of Dine's fellow artists suggested that they might indeed be stuffed exhibits. A number of "the-making-of" pictures provide us a glimpse behind the scenes of photo shoots with animals.

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