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AKITA:   Carpenter and Andrews - New UK Hardcover  9781903098875

AKITA: Carpenter and Andrews - New UK Hardcover 9781903098875



  • Akita
  • Authors: Andrews & Carpenterl
  • Publisher: Interpet 2001
  • ISBN: 9781903098875

  • Recognised as a "Natural Monument" in Japan and hailed in America and England as a dignified and courageous guard dog and companion, the Akita has fascinated man for thousands of years. The largest of the Japanese spitz breeds, the Akita is a strong-minded, strong-bodied canine with a naturally dominant air and an aloofness that is all his own. For the right owner and family, the Akita offers rewards beyond expectations, as he enlightens, entertains and protects the humans he so devotedly adores. Written by the top two Akita experts in the Western world, Barbara "BJ" Andrews of the O'BJ Kennels in North Carolina and Meg Purnell-Carpenter of the Overhill Kennels in Bristol, England, this book offers Aita owners decades of experience in the breed that cannot be matched. Both Mrs Andrews and Mrs Carpenter have bred, raised and shown champions and are counted among the most respected professionals in the international dog fancy. Illustrated with over 135 photographs, this book provides fascinating information about the breed's origins in Japan, its importation to the US and UK, the breed's character and standard, as well as puppy selection, feeding, obedience training and housebreaking and care.


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