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The Last of the Wild Horses : Martin Harbury : New Softcover

The Last of the Wild Horses : Martin Harbury : New Softcover


Years ago, wild horses ran free throughout the world. As the lands that domesticated horses helped explore and settle expanded, the wilderness shrank and the wild horses began to disappear.

When The Last of the Wild Horses was first published in 1984, there were only 400 Przewalske horses. All were found in zoos, and none existed in the wild. Since then, successful conservation and breeding programs have resulted in a wild population of 1,200.

This book is a pictorial tribute to the spirit and beauty of wild horses and the hills, field and plains they roam. Martin Harbury covers a variety of breeds in regions around the world including:

  • Przewalskes of Asia
  • Tarpans of Poland
  • Ponies of the British Isles
  • White Horses and the Camargue
  • Horses of Sable Island
  • Australian Brumbies
  • American Mustangs.

Each breed's characteristics, behavior and living conditions are explained as well as the vigilant protection of the habitats that they require for survival.

This fascinating pictorial history will please naturalists, horse lovers and conservationists alike.

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