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6 Steps to a Schooled Horse : Relaxation Rhythm Contact Straightness - NEW



Achieve Lightness and Self-Carriage in a Calm, Settled Horse by Following This Step-by-Step Training Program, Based on the German Scales of Training
  • Well-defined standards at every stage allow you to measure your progress, giving you confidence and offering guidance if you encounter any problems
  • Clear instruction from experienced teacher Susan McBane helps improve performance regardless of your level or chosen discipline
This step-by-step training program for horse and rider blends one of the most successful schooling systems in the world with the cutting-edge principles of equitation science. The highly respected German Scales of Training, which aims for lightness and self-carriage in a calm, settled horse is the basis of the system which, combined with clear instruction, makes the technique accessible to anyone. Practical explanation and exercises provide a framework for achieving rhythm, looseness, contact, impulsion, straightness and collection - the six elements of a schooled horse.


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